A message from Fr Ballini in Ireland

Father Ballini would like to thank all those that have donated to the Chapel build. A Mass will be said each month for all the benefactors.
A group of volunteers will be starting work in mid October, beginning with the plastering. Then there will be woodwork and painting to do …
Anyone who would still like to volunteer to help would be most welcome…food and accommodation will be provided and transport to and from Cork airport…
Also, anyone who would like to make a donation would be most welcome, even very small amounts…every euro counts and everything in Ireland is so much more expensive!
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Bishop Williamson has recently returned from a visit to Poland where the faithful have been waiting to see him.

The Bishop standing in the chapel of the Shrine of Jasna Gora and before offering the Mass.
The Bishop standing in the chapel of the Shrine of Jasna Gora and before offering the Mass.

Our Polish friends have given us this information –

The pilgrimage began on Sunday 28th August 2016 and finished with the flight home to London from Krakow on Thursday, 12th September.

The visit was organised by a movement of good Polish traditional Catholics. This movement, which aims to what was and is eternal for the Polish Nation – the sanctification of souls through a life of sanctifying grace in Christ and through Christ, and as a result of such a life to try and build the Kingdom of Heaven on Polish soil; The movement learns from the idea of the Militia Immaculata, which was began by the Pole Fr. Maximilian Kolbe.

Bishop Williamson, who continues the fight of Archbishop Lefebvre, oversaw the spiritual and practical (!) side of the trip.

The aim of the pilgrimage was:
1. The proclamation of the Good News of the Gospel
2. An examination of the Faith of the Polish Nation
3. Cooperation with the graces of God … in relation to the Polish nation.
4. Determination of current threats, objectives and activities of the Church Militant in Poland.
5. Tightening the co-operation of Polish Traditionalists with the bishops consecrated by Bishop Williamson  and with himself.

Here is one of the Bishop’s conferences – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpFVTwukreg   and some pictures taken during the trip.

The Bishop saying Mass in Czechia on his way to Poland

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The Priory in Ireland II

These pictures provide some idea of the work which still needs to be done with your material and physical help.

The walls and roof of the chapel should be completed after 15th October, so Fr. Ballini is looking for volunteers after that date including plasterers, painters, general labourers etc and cooks to feed the workers. If you have any of these skills or a willing pair of able hands, please email us for further details at respicestellam2015@gmail.com   . We can also help those who wish to make financial donations.

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