Astounding Transformation

We have been regularly posting pictures from the work done by Fr Ballini and his team of workers on the new chapel at the priory in Cork. All will agree that these final pictures show what an astounding transformation has been achieved to become a worth House of God.

chapel2 chapel-1 chapel3 chapel-4




St Grignion Seminary

Here is a message from Bishop Faure about the St Grignion Seminary —

The seminary is starting its second year: with 12 seminarians, the house which we are now in has become too small. We have found a building for sale which is suitable for our needs, as the number of rooms will accommodate several more years of seminarians. However, we do not have all the funds necessary, and still have to gather  €250.000.

By the grace of God, the first year of the seminary went on fairly steadily, without too many practical problems. With the help of the Dominican Fathers of Avrillé, we are able to ensure a solid doctrinal teaching. However, with the new arrivals, we are forced to find a larger property.

Dear faithful, why did we undertake such a project?

The present crisis in Tradition comes from an awful temptation which keeps coming back: the desire to obtain “recognition” from modernist Rome. However not one day goes by without Rome being an occasion of scandal ; it seems as if morality and doctrine, from a human point of view, are being irreversibly destroyed. Archbishop Lefebvre used to say that, even though we recognize the legitimacy of Roman and diocesan authorities, putting ourselves under their direct or even indirect authority constitutes a grave danger for our Faith.

On the other hand, there are still young men reflecting upon their vocation and planning to become holy Catholic priests, despite the numerous obstacles they have to overcome.

In order to continue the fight of Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishop Williamson has courageously taken the decision to consecrate two bishops. But what is a Bishop for, if not to form and ordain good priests? We desired to have seminarians, and God has provided us with twelve of them!

The best remedy for the dechristianisation of souls and of nations resides in the creation, maintenance and development of an authentic Catholic seminary.

Please, help us continue the fight of Archbishop Lefebvre!


God bless you!

Mgr Jean Michel Faure

Please find details below as to how to make a donation and please remember the seminary especially in your Christmas alms.





A message from Fr Ballini in Ireland

Father Ballini would like to thank all those that have donated to the Chapel build. A Mass will be said each month for all the benefactors.
A group of volunteers will be starting work in mid October, beginning with the plastering. Then there will be woodwork and painting to do …
Anyone who would still like to volunteer to help would be most welcome…food and accommodation will be provided and transport to and from Cork airport…
Also, anyone who would like to make a donation would be most welcome, even very small amounts…every euro counts and everything in Ireland is so much more expensive!
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